Our award-winning hair transplant surgeon is also certififed by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, our very own Dr. Reyes is proud to provide the finest results with follicular unit transplant FUT and follicular unit extraction FUE.

We offer four distinct hair transplant programs, which include accommodation, transport and leisure time, specifically designed to perfectly suit your budget and hair restoration needs. Investing in hair transplantation is the perfect way to regain your once lost positive self-image — and a full head of hair.

Reclaim your youth and enjoy a terrific tropical hair holiday in Dominican Republic.

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    Omar HaririRamón Mendoza
  • I have done a hair transplant procedure 4 times and today is my 12th day and I have never been treated with all honesty or care ever before. Half of the hairs transplant have already fallen out which is normal and still people tell me I have a full head worth of thickness. Best Doctor I have dealt with and very recommended.
    Omar Hariri
  • I´m so grateful for all the care before, during and after the hair implant, at first I was a little unsure about the results, but as time passed by I have seen the progress, I am 100% satisfied with the results, everyone notices the change and i feel so confident about myself.

    Ramón Mendoza

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We understand that your decision to travel to Dominican Republic for hair transplantation might seem overwhelming. We strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible. If you have questions, we would like to answer them. You may fill out the form below and you will be contacted soon.

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