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Hair grafting is an outpatient procedure used in hair transplantation, usually defined by shape (round or square), size (millimeter) and number of hairs.

In hair grafting procedure, Dr. Alba Reyes first removes a portion of the hair-bearing scalp from the back of the head.

The removed scalp is sliced into small segments with varying amounts of hair in each graft, which, when transplanted into the recipient area, result in very subtle thickening and natural look.

Usually, the nape of the neck is an ideal area for hair grafting. Hair grafting is performed via a variety of hair transplant techniques. Two of the most popular and widely performed techniques in hair grafting are: follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Micro grafts contain only one to two hairs per graft, while slit grafts contain between four and ten, and punch grafts hold 10-15 hairs.

Also available are mini-grafts (containing two to four hairs) and strip grafts made up of long thing grafts holding 30 to 40 hairs.

Local anesthetic can be injected into the scalp and sedation is available to ease pain and provide relaxation and comfort.

After the grafting session is compete, the scalp will be cleaned then covered with gauze. Stiches will come out approximately 10 days later.

One of the many benefits of hair grafting is when the hair is harvested from the donor area and implanted in the balding area, it lends its healthy characteristics to the recipient area.

Using a genetic test (H+), Dr. Alba can identify the areas where the hair is healthy and less likely to fall out to avoid future hair loss in the recipient.

After hair implantation, you can rest assured your new hair will re-grow in a steady and natural manner, achieving fullness and thick density.

At Dr. Alba Reyes Clinic, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic we can determine the hair transplant method that best suits you and your condition.

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