Hair Implants Dominican Republic


Many hair loss patients today turn to medications as an alternative to hair restoration surgery.

Little do they know, hair loss medications can take a toll on their health, finances and only produce short-term results.

Most hair-loss drug information state that it takes an average of four to six months for the medication to take effect and before the patient witnesses any improvements.

Many patients show symptoms of irritation with mild to severe itching, when applying the drug to their affected area.

Not to mention if the medications are discontinued, patients will experience hair loss again and might lose all the hair that has grown during the period of medication.

Other hair growth drugs can cause low blood pressure due to arterial dilation and can interfere with other medications.

It is not uncommon during the medication unwanted facial hair can grow, as well. However, there are far more serious implications and risks associated with hair loss medications, than just hair loss relapse and minor skin irritations.

According to study published in the Journal Sexual Medicine, hair growth drug finasteride can cause male sexual dysfunction, which might be irreversible.

For these reasons, hair implants and hair transplants in Dominican Republic serve as an ideal, once-and-for-all solution to hair-loss problems in men and women.

In addition to advanced technology employed in Dr. Alba Reyes clinic in Santo Domingo, hair transplant procedure is an amazing cost-saving alternative to some counter-effective hair-loss medication.

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