Why Dominican Republic For Hair Transplants?


“For my family and myself it was a relaxing and enjoyable time. All expenses combined were much less than what I would have paid should I have had my procedure done in the US.” – A satisfied patient.

Restore hair, renew youth and enjoy a terrific tropical hair holiday.

Hair transplant treatments in the Dominican Republic have been growing in popularity among hair loss patients from the US and Europe.

The Dominican Republic enjoys a well-earned reputation for having highly-qualified hair transplant specialists, many of whom educated and trained in the US and Europe.


Why Travel to Dominican Republic for Hair Transplantation?

Accessible Destination 

The Dominican Republic is touted one of the reachable destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are just 1.5 hours flight away from Florida; 3.5 hours from New York; and 8 hours from Spain. Most major airlines have frequent flights to the Dominican Republic.

Affordable Experience

Since we are based in an offshore location with a lower cost of living, we are able to afford providing top-quality hair transplant treatments at a fraction of the full hair restoration price in the US.

Our cost-effective fee will meet the budget demands of many hair loss patients who are serious about restoring their natural hair and are looking for a top hair restoration surgeon to perform this life-changing and artistic procedure.

Our pricing strategy is set for a full hair restoration—not per graft. Rest assured you will have full visibility and transparency on the exact fee right from the start.

Discover a Tropical Treasure

Enjoy a self-reclamation experience of hair transplant procedure against the backdrop of a tropical paradise. Feast your senses on sugar-white beaches shaded by palm trees, crystal-clear waters replete with rainbow-hued fish and Spanish-colonial attractions dating back 500 years.

The island hosts a variety of accommodation options, from small fishing villages to all-inclusive luxe resorts.

Let the swaying coconut palm trees of Punta Cana cloak you in as you soak up the sun on its white sandy beaches.

The vibrant Santo Domingo, one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean, will mesmerize you with its Spanish-colonial charm featuring old stone buildings and world-class museums.

Dominican Republic Travel Info

Language: Spanish
Currency: Dominican peso (DOP)
Climate: Average Temp 87 F (31°C)
Capital: Santo Domingo
Major Airport(s): Samana (AZS), “La Isabela” (JBQ), Santo Domingo (SDQ)
Electricity: 110 60Hz (US Plug)
Time Zone: UTC/GMT -4 hours
Calling Code: 809, 829, 849

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